Prestige Auto Mart is a licensed and bonded auto brokerage company based in Glendale, California. We broker new and used vehicles. We are licensed by the California department of motor vehicles.

Prestige Auto Mart – the home of new and used vehicles

We are a licensed and bonded auto brokerage in Glendale, California, a division of the Prestige Auto Mart Inc., licensed by the California department of motor vehicles, we broker new and used cars. Our team of experienced auto brokers will help you locate the best vehicle that suits your needs, negotiate the best price on your behalf and even have the vehicle delivered to your home or office at no extra cost! Get in touch with us today for a free quote on a new car!

Benefits of leasing:

• no upfront taxes • option to buy at any time • always stay under warranty • have a new car every 2-3 years

Prestige Auto Mart services buyers from:

Orange County, Irvine , West LA, Santa Monica , Beverly Hills, Anaheim, San Diego , San Bernardino, Palmdale , Santa Clarita Valley , Valencia And Canyon Country…

Our team of experienced auto brokers will help you locate the best vehicle that suits your needs. We will negotiate the lowest price on your behalf and even have the vehicle delivered to your home or office at no extra cost.

We charge a service fee in the amount of $299.00 for every vehicle leased or purchased from our company. The fee is payable at time of delivery. This fee may vary depending on the level of service requested. Some discounts may apply for multi-car deals and fleet orders.

Broker fee refund policy:

The auto broker fee is payable at time of delivery of your new vehicle. Your sales agent will provide you with a detailed statement for the broker fee as well as any other fees, like delivery fees, shipping etc. As this is a new car transaction and the in the state of California, there is no cooling off period on new cars, therefore are no refunds for the broker fee. You cannot simply return the car later for any reason, therefore we do not offer refunds for our service. There are multi-car discounts of the service as well as repeat client special discounts. Please ask your sales agent or call for details.

Prestige Auto Mart –  Leasing

In simple words, if you lease a vehicle then you basically pay for the portion of the use of that vehicle. When you buy a car, then you will pay for the entire cost of the vehicle, regardless of the actual use. Buying a car can provide a big asset, however, unless you can afford to pay cash for the particular car of your dreams, then you will pay a higher monthly payment then you would on a lease, and in most cases, after the five or six year term of the financing, you can end up with an old car that is only worth a few thousand dollars.

One can lease a vehicle and will have the option to buy it at any time if one chooses to. On the other hand , if one decides to buy the car upfront, then he has to pay all the upfront taxes to the state (currently 8.75% in ca), and then cannot break a purchase contract unless the vehicle gets paid in full.

When we also consider the financial write-off benefits that car leasing provides, we realize that unless the particular car that we are considering has no lease program available, in most cases we will be better off leasing a car for a short term (two to three years), always stay in the comfort of the manufacturer’s warranty, and then decide at the 3 year mark if we want to buy the car or return it to the bank and get the newer model. It is very common to be able to lease two vehicles during a six year period for the same cost or less then it would have been to just buy a similar or less valued car and have it financed for 6 years. At this point, the cost of driving a new vehicle, the cost of transportation, becomes about the same in the long run for both lease and purchase, and because of all the benefits that car leasing offers, we conclude that it is wiser for most people to just lease a new car every two to three years.

Important disclosure: all the payments and pricing posted on this website are subject to availability, bank and loan approval, and are subject to change at any time without any notice. Please call us to get an exact quote and the details for each specific offer, as well as availability for the vehicle. Not everyone will qualify for all factory incentives. The payments do not include tax, title or registration fees. Pictures are only for demonstration purposes. Negotiated price is subject to change at any time and availability. New car superstore will do everything in their power to maintain accurate information but we are not liable for any mistakes, typos, errors or pricing fluctuations due to external factors.


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